Do you want to explore teamwork and collaboration, develop self-confidence and improve communication skills? Perhaps you want to find a way to express yourself without being judged.  Or maybe you are wanting to push the boundaries of your creativity, improve your acting technique and develop your performance and presentation skills?


Begin a journey with drama feeling safe and valued.


Being creative gives people curiosity and confidence. Our projects are designed to encourage and nurture, providing a forum for building new friendships.


Drama at Creative Space is about you exploring and discovering more of who you are as a creator and an individual.  We dedicate our time to bring out the best in everyone and add momentum to your creative-self.  Provocative, instinctual, ego-free, we invite you on a journey of self-improvement and well-being.  Whether you have had previous experience with drama or not our space is open to you.

Our aim is to help you become a happier, more confident and fulfilled individual, and because our approach focusses on the person, any performance becomes a celebration of the journey.  Share in a positive and inspiring environment with like-minded people in a supportive atmosphere, and develop your own unique path of artistic expression.


And because all our practitioners integrate wellbeing techniques into all our projects you can be assured that drama at Creative Space will not only reduce any stress and anxiety in your life but also give you a positive experience. 


An introduction to

physical ensemble work


Audition technique

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